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The FULBOOST is a compact & ultra-portable multi-function lithium booster to jump-start vehicles, recharge USB devices and emergency lighting.

With improved starting performance, our FULBOOST is now able to deliver 1500A peak current. Designed with an internal Lithium-ion battery, our FULBOOST can also recharges all types of electrical appliances (smartphones, tablets, earphones…). Flashlight function are useful in case of emergency.

Easy to use, store and charge, the FULBOOST is the ideal back-up solution to put inside any motorcycle trunk, glove box, adventurer’s backpack!


  • Compact & powerful lithium booster rated at 1600A
  • For vehicles equipped with a 12V Lead-acid battery
  • Ultra-safe thanks to smart cables technology : spark-proof, short-circuit & reverse polarity protection
  • Charger for all types of USB devices
  • Ultra-bright LED flashlight

PDF FULBOOST - Datasheet

Proizvođač FULBAT
Current peak 600A
Booster starts vehicle
Flash light LED lights with 3 light modes (normal, SOS and flash)
Current start 300A
Torch 1 LED
2 USB outputs 5V-4A
Capacity 15 000 mAh
Weight 0,48kg
Input 14V-1A
Power supply charger mobile devices (GPS, cell phone, tablet, mobile speaker, camera, laptop, ...)
2 outputs 12V-12A and 19V-3,5A (PC)
Dimensions 16,5x8x3,8 cm
Full charge approx. 5h
Indicator Easy viewing of the status
Naš kod: P11908
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